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Organization and information about protests against the Church of Scientology in San Diego
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 Going for Gold and January's global

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Going for Gold and January's global Empty
PostSubject: Going for Gold and January's global   Going for Gold and January's global EmptyWed Jan 14, 2009 12:28 pm

Sorry about the lack of updates to the site. Life has been busy and there's been alot going on behind the scenes.

What's going on?

January's plans for the global have been posted for the raid on the 17th, meetup at Horton Fountain @ 11. Stay safe, the police have been notified. Welcome to the new people, we're an interesting bunch Cool

After alot of talk about it, we're shooting for a field trip up to Gold Base on January 24th. Details aren't clear at the moment, but it looks like LA and Riverside anons are orchestrating a raid up there for that day. Graham should be there according to the grapevine, and as long as you don't try to upstage AgentOrange in the crazy department you should do fine. Do not go unless you are okay with being outed.

What happened with the site?

Basically, every anon related website had their traffic spike dramatically after news articles appeared online regarding Jett Travolta's death. The two sites run by San Diego Anon (this site and YFTComic) had their bandwidth increase by about 20 times in the course of a few days to the point the hit counter stopped working. SDA was temporarily taken offline while we straightened it out with the hosting company, allowing us to retroactively upgrade our hosting plan. The same thing happened with YFTComic. We should be able to handle 100 times the bandwidth we did before, and nothing's taking the two sites offline short of a DDoS on the scale of the one that brought down Enturbulation.

Now for the techincal stuff.

We're starting to lay the preliminary groundwork for Marcab Invasion II. This time we have a plan to reach everyone at the convention. The planning and operations for this will be done here on our forums, although the information about it and updates will be moved over to Anonymous Comics.

The San Diego Anonymous store is in the process of being switched over to Anonymous Comics as well, as we had some anonymous donator give ALOT of money to putting it up on adwords and paying for ads through Project Wonderful.

YouFoundTheComic is about to be relaunched within the next few days, and more stuff has been added for the launch including a 2009 calander with collages from 2008. You guys will love it Cool

Thats it for now!
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Char Aznable

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Going for Gold and January's global Empty
PostSubject: Re: Going for Gold and January's global   Going for Gold and January's global EmptySun Jan 18, 2009 7:22 pm

Sorry faggots, IRL is shitty sometimes but expect a return on Feb.

Too bad we have to leave, But then again.... Who doesn't? -Gaff Blade Runner
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Going for Gold and January's global
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